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Vintage PC World Magazine Library

Yea, I know, this is, so why am I going over to the Dark Side.
While the Mac vs PC battle was an epic one, where people loved to take an extreme
position of one side over the other, for many of us, it was rarely that black and

As a programmer, the reality on the ground was that, PC's were a fact of life.
Many tools, like embedded cross compilers, were simply not available for Macs, which
is somewhat still true today. And then there is gaming, for which Macs have never
quite rivaled PCs. So many of us Apple fans have also used PCs for much of our lives,
which makes PC history just as interesting.

For your reading pleasure is the near complete PC World collection from the first issue
in 1983 up through 2010. In total that's 22GB of PC World goodness! Thanks to the hard
work of Steve M. all of the issues have been beautifully restored.

Here is what is missing:

- Feb, Apr, Sep 1995
- June 1996
- Mar 1997

If by chance you have any of these issues, and are willing to part with them, please
contact me.

Note that there is a column for the date the file was scanned (or restored) as well
as the ability to sort by the different columns. If you want to see what is new
since your last visit, sort by the Scanned column and look for files created
since your last visit.

#ThumbTitleYear-MoScanned Y-M-D
1PC World 8403 March 1984.pdf1984-032017-10-02
2PC World 8404 April 1984 special edition.pdf1984-042017-10-02
3PC World 8404 April 1984.pdf1984-042017-10-03
4PC World 8411 November 1984 special edition.pdf1984-112017-10-03
5PC World 8402 February 1984.pdf1984-022017-10-06
6PC World 8307 V1N5 July 1983.pdf1983-072017-10-07
7PC World 8406 June 1984.pdf1984-062017-10-08
8PC World 8410 October 1984.pdf1984-102017-10-08
9PC World 8409 September 1984.pdf1984-092017-10-09
10PC World 8310 October 1983.pdf1983-102017-10-20
11PC World 8311 November 1983.pdf1983-112017-10-21
12PC World 8312 December 1983.pdf1983-122017-10-21
13PC World 8401 January 1984.pdf1984-012017-10-22
14PC World 8407 July 1984.pdf1984-072017-10-24
15PC World 8408 August 1984.pdf1984-082017-10-24
16PC World 8412 December 1984.pdf1984-122017-10-24
17PC World 8411 November 1984.pdf1984-112017-10-25
18PC World 8502 February 1985.pdf1985-022017-10-25
19PC World 8503 March 1985.pdf1985-032017-10-26
20PC World 8504 April 1985.pdf1985-042017-10-27
21PC World 8505 May 1985.pdf1985-052017-10-27
22PC World 8505 May 1985 special edition Winter.pdf1985-052017-10-27
23PC World 8511 November 1985.pdf1985-112017-10-27
24PC World 8512 December 1985.pdf1985-122017-10-27
25PC World 8510 October 1985.pdf1985-102017-10-28
26PC World 9312 December 1993.pdf1993-122017-10-29
27PC World 8601 January 1986.pdf1986-012017-10-30
28PC World 8602 February 1986.pdf1986-022017-10-30
29PC World 8603 March 1986.pdf1986-032017-10-31
30PC World 8604 April 1986.pdf1986-042017-10-31
31PC World 8605 May 1986.pdf1986-052017-10-31
32PC World 8606 June 1986.pdf1986-062017-11-01
33PC World 8607 July 1986.pdf1986-072017-11-01
34PC World 8608 August 1986.pdf1986-082017-11-01
35PC World 8712 December 1987.pdf1987-122017-11-01
36PC World 8610 October 1986.pdf1986-102017-11-02
37PC World 8611 November 1986.pdf1986-112017-11-02
38PC World 8612 December 1986.pdf1986-122017-11-02
39PC World 8405 May 1984.pdf1984-052017-11-03
40PC World 8501 January 1985.pdf1985-012017-11-04
41PC World 8509 September 1985.pdf1985-092017-11-04
42PC World 8701 Janury 1987.pdf1987-012017-11-05
43PC World 8702 February 1987.pdf1987-022017-11-05
44PC World 8703 March 1987.pdf1987-032017-11-05
45PC World 8506 June 1985.pdf1985-062017-11-06
46PC World 8707 July 1987.pdf1987-072017-11-07
47PC World 8807 July 1988.pdf1988-072017-11-07
48PC World 8809 September 1988.pdf1988-092017-11-07
49PC World 8708 August 1987.pdf1987-082017-11-08
50PC World 8710 October 1987.pdf1987-102017-11-08
51PC World 8905 May 1989.pdf1989-052017-11-08
52PC World 8704 April 1987.pdf1987-042017-11-09
53PC World 9003 March 1990.pdf1990-032017-11-10
54PC World 9112 December 1991.pdf1991-122017-11-10
55PC World 9402 February 1994.pdf1994-022017-11-10
56PC World 9206 June 1992.pdf1992-062017-11-11
57PC World 9208 August 1992.pdf1992-082017-11-11
58PC World 9210 October 1992.pdf1992-102017-11-12
59PC World 9212 December 1992.pdf1992-122017-11-12
60PC World 9303 March 1993.pdf1993-032017-11-13
61PC World 9308 August 1993.pdf1993-082017-11-13
62PC World 9302 February 1993.pdf1993-022017-11-14
63PC World 9311 November 1993.pdf1993-112017-11-14
64PC World 8802 February 1988.pdf1988-022017-11-17
65PC World 8909 September 1989.pdf1989-092017-11-18
66PC World 8507 July 1985.pdf1985-072017-11-20
67PC World 8508 August 1985.pdf1985-082017-11-20
68PC World 8709 September 1987.pdf1987-092017-11-20
69PC World 9004 April 1990.pdf1990-042017-11-21
70PC World 9005 May 1990.pdf1990-052017-11-22
71PC World 9102 February 1991.pdf1991-022017-11-27
72PC World 9103 March 1991.pdf1991-032017-11-27
73PC World 9403 March 1994.pdf1994-032017-11-28
74PC World 9512 December 1995.pdf1995-122017-11-28
75PC World 9601 January 1996.pdf1996-012017-11-29
76PC World 9604 April 1996.pdf1996-042017-11-29
77PC World 9807 July 1998.pdf1998-072017-11-30
78PC World 9808 August 1998.pdf1998-082017-12-01
79PC World 9701 January 1997.pdf1997-012017-12-02
80PC World 9706 June 1997.pdf1997-062017-12-02
81PC World 9707 July 1997.pdf1997-072017-12-02
82PC World 9809 September 1998.pdf1998-092017-12-03
83PC World 9810 October 1998.pdf1998-102017-12-05
84PC World 8801 January 1988.pdf1988-012017-12-06
85PC World 9812 December 1998.pdf1998-122017-12-06
86PC World 9811 November 1998.pdf1998-112017-12-07
87PC World 9904 April 1999.pdf1999-042017-12-07
88PC World 9905 May 1999.pdf1999-052017-12-09
89PC World 9906 June 1999.pdf1999-062017-12-11
90PC World 9907 July 1999.pdf1999-072017-12-12
91PC World 9909 September 1999.pdf1999-092017-12-12
92PC World 9910 October 1999.pdf1999-102017-12-13
93PC World 9911 November 1999.pdf1999-112017-12-16
94PC World 9912 December 1999.pdf1999-122017-12-16
95PC World 0004 April 2000.pdf2000-042017-12-17
96PC World 0005 May 2000.pdf2000-052017-12-20
97PC World 0006 June 2000.pdf2000-062017-12-22
98PC World 0010 October 2000.pdf2000-102017-12-25
99PC World 0011 November 2000.pdf2000-112017-12-26
100PC World 0012 December 2000.pdf2000-122017-12-26
101PC World 0102 February 2001.pdf2001-022017-12-27
102PC World 0103 March 2001.pdf2001-032017-12-27
103PC World 0104 April 2001.pdf2001-042017-12-28
104PC World 0106 June 2001.pdf2001-062017-12-28
105PC World 0107 July 2001.pdf2001-072017-12-29
106PC World 0108 August 2001.pdf2001-082017-12-29
107PC World 0109 September 2001.pdf2001-092017-12-29
108PC World 0110 October 2001.pdf2001-102017-12-29
109PC World 0111 November 2001.pdf2001-112017-12-30
110PC World 0112 December 2001.pdf2001-122017-12-30
111PC World 0201 January 2002.pdf2002-012017-12-30
112PC World 0202 February 2002.pdf2002-022017-12-31
113PC World 0203 March 2002.pdf2002-032017-12-31
114PC World 0204 April 2002.pdf2002-042017-12-31
115PC World 0205 May 2002.pdf2002-052017-12-31
116PC World 0207 July 2002.pdf2002-072018-01-01
117PC World 0208 August 2002.pdf2002-082018-01-01
118PC World 0209 September 2002.pdf2002-092018-01-01
119PC World 0210 October 2002.pdf2002-102018-01-01
120PC World 0211 November 2002.pdf2002-112018-01-01
121PC World 0212 December 2002.pdf2002-122018-01-01
122PC World 8609 September 1986.pdf1986-092018-03-14
123PC World 8803 March 1988.pdf1988-032018-03-14
124PC World 8804 April 1988.pdf1988-042018-03-15
125PC World 8805 May 1988.pdf1988-052018-03-15
126PC World 8806 June 1988.pdf1988-062018-03-15
127PC World 8808 August 1988.pdf1988-082018-03-15
128PC World 8810 October 1988.pdf1988-102018-03-16
129PC World 8811 November 1988.pdf1988-112018-03-16
130PC World 8303 V1N1 March 1983.pdf1983-032018-03-17
131PC World 8812 December 1988.pdf1988-122018-03-17
132PC World 8901 January 1989.pdf1989-012018-03-19
133PC World 8902 February 1989.pdf1989-022018-03-19
134PC World 8903 March 1989.pdf1989-032018-03-20
135PC World 8904 April 1989.pdf1989-042018-03-20
136PC World 8907 July 1989.pdf1989-072018-03-21
137PC World 8912 December 1989.pdf1989-122018-03-22
138PC World 9001 January 1990.pdf1990-012018-03-26
139PC World 9007 July 1990.pdf1990-072018-03-26
140PC World 9301 January 1993.pdf1993-012018-04-01
141PC World 9304 April 1993.pdf1993-042018-04-01
142PC World 9305 May 1993.pdf1993-052018-04-02
143PC World 9306 June 1993.pdf1993-062018-04-02
144PC World 9307 July 1993.pdf1993-072018-04-02
145PC World 9309 September 1993.pdf1993-092018-04-02
146PC World 9310 October 1993.pdf1993-102018-04-03
147PC World 9401 January 1994.pdf1994-012018-04-03
148PC World 9510 October 1995.pdf1995-102018-04-03
149PC World 9710 October 1997.pdf1997-102018-04-03
150PC World 9805 May 1998.pdf1998-052018-04-04
151PC World 9806 June 1998.pdf1998-062018-04-04
152PC World 9901 January 1999.pdf1999-012018-04-04
153PC World 9903 March 1999.pdf1999-032018-04-04
154PC World 9908 August 1999.pdf1999-082018-04-04
155PC World 0001 January 2000.pdf2000-012018-04-05
156PC World 0002 February 2000.pdf2000-022018-04-06
157PC World 0003 March 2000.pdf2000-032018-04-06
158PC World 0007 July 2000 (partial).pdf2000-072018-04-07
159PC World 0008 August 2000.pdf2000-082018-04-07
160PC World 0009 September 2000.pdf2000-092018-04-07
161PC World 0105 May 2001.pdf2001-052018-04-08
162PC World 0206 June 2002.pdf2002-062018-04-09
163PC World 0301 January 2003.pdf2003-012018-04-09
164PC World 0303 March 2003.pdf2003-032018-04-09
165PC World 0304 April 2003.pdf2003-042018-04-09
166PC World 0305 May 2003.pdf2003-052018-04-09
167PC World 0306 June 2003.pdf2003-062018-04-09
168PC World 0307 July 2003.pdf2003-072018-04-10
169PC World 0308 August 2003.pdf2003-082018-04-10
170PC World 0309 September 2003.pdf2003-092018-04-11
171PC World 0310 October 2003.pdf2003-102018-04-11
172PC World 0311 November 2003.pdf2003-112018-04-12
173PC World 0312 December 2003.pdf2003-122018-04-12
174PC World 0401 January 2004.pdf2004-012018-04-12
175PC World 0402 February 2004.pdf2004-022018-04-12
176PC World 0403 March 2004.pdf2004-032018-04-12
177PC World 1001 January 2010.pdf2010-012018-04-12
178PC World 1002 February 2010.pdf2010-022018-04-12
179PC World 0405 May 2004.pdf2004-052018-04-13
180PC World 0406 June 2004.pdf2004-062018-04-13
181PC World 0407 July 2004.pdf2004-072018-04-13
182PC World 0408 August 2004.pdf2004-082018-04-13
183PC World 0409 September 2004.pdf2004-092018-04-13
184PC World 0410 October 2004.pdf2004-102018-04-13
185PC World 1003 March 2010.pdf2010-032018-04-13
186PC World 1004 April 2010.pdf2010-042018-04-13
187PC World 1005 May 2010.pdf2010-052018-04-13
188PC World 1006 June 2010.pdf2010-062018-04-13
189PC World 1007 July 2010.pdf2010-072018-04-13
190PC World 1008 August 2010.pdf2010-082018-04-13
191PC World 1009 September 2010.pdf2010-092018-04-13
192PC World 1010 October 2010.pdf2010-102018-04-13
193PC World 0411 November 2004.pdf2004-112018-04-14
194PC World 0412 December 2004.pdf2004-122018-04-14
195PC World 0501 January 2005.pdf2005-012018-04-14
196PC World 0502 February 2005.pdf2005-022018-04-14
197PC World 0503 March 2005.pdf2005-032018-04-14
198PC World 1011 November 2010.pdf2010-112018-04-14
199PC World 1012 December 2010.pdf2010-122018-04-14
200PC World 0504 April 2005.pdf2005-042018-04-15
201PC World 0510 October 2005.pdf2005-102018-04-15
202PC World 0602 February 2006.pdf2006-022018-04-15
203PC World 0604 April 2006.pdf2006-042018-04-15
204PC World 0605 May 2006.pdf2006-052018-04-15
205PC World 0606 June 2006.pdf2006-062018-04-15
206PC World 0608 August 2006.pdf2006-082018-04-15
207PC World 0609 September 2006.pdf2006-092018-04-16
208PC World 0610 October 2006.pdf2006-102018-04-16
209PC World 0611 November 2006.pdf2006-112018-04-16
210PC World 0612 December 2006.pdf2006-122018-04-16
211PC World 0701 January 2007.pdf2007-012018-04-17
212PC World 0702 February 2007.pdf2007-022018-04-17
213PC World 0703 March 2007.pdf2007-032018-04-17
214PC World 0704 April 2007.pdf2007-042018-04-17
215PC World 0705 May 2007.pdf2007-052018-04-17
216PC World 0706 June 2007.pdf2007-062018-04-17
217PC World 0707July 2007.pdf2007-072018-04-17
218PC World 0708 August 2007.pdf2007-082018-04-17
219PC World 0709 September 2007.pdf2007-092018-04-17
220PC World 0710 October 2007.pdf2007-102018-04-17
221PC World 0711 November 2007.pdf2007-112018-04-17
222PC World 0712 December 2007.pdf2007-122018-04-17
223PC World 0801 January 2008.pdf2008-012018-04-17
224PC World 0802 February 2008.pdf2008-022018-04-17
225PC World 0803 March 2008.pdf2008-032018-04-18
226PC World 0804 April 2008.pdf2008-042018-04-18
227PC World 0805 May 2008.pdf2008-052018-04-18
228PC World 0806 June 2008.pdf2008-062018-04-18
229PC World 0807 July 2008.pdf2008-072018-04-18
230PC World 0808 August 2008.pdf2008-082018-04-18
231PC World 0809 September 2008.pdf2008-092018-04-18
232PC World 0812 December 2008.pdf2008-122018-04-18
233PC World 0810 October 2008.pdf2008-102018-04-19
234PC World 0811 November 2008.pdf2008-112018-04-19
235PC World 0901 January 2009.pdf2009-012018-04-19
236PC World 0902 February 2009.pdf2009-022018-04-19
237PC World 0903 March 2009.pdf2009-032018-04-19
238PC World 0904 April 2009.pdf2009-042018-04-19
239PC World 0905 May 2009.pdf2009-052018-04-19
240PC World 0906 June 2009.pdf2009-062018-04-19
241PC World 0908 August 2009.pdf2009-082018-04-19
242PC World 0911 November 2009.pdf2009-112018-04-19
243PC World 0912 December 2009.pdf2009-122018-04-19
244PC World 0505 May 2005.pdf2005-052018-05-31
245PC World 0507 July 2005.pdf2005-072018-05-31
246Pc World 0511 November 2005.pdf2005-112018-05-31
247PC World 0607 July 2006.pdf2006-072018-05-31
248PC World 8304 V1N2 April 1983.pdf1983-042019-03-01
249PC World 8305 V1N3 May 1983.pdf1983-052019-03-03
250PC World 9406 June 1994.pdf1994-062019-03-03
251PC World 9503 March 1995.pdf1995-032019-03-03
252PC World 9712 December 1997.pdf1997-122019-03-04
253PC World 0506 June 2005.pdf2005-062019-05-10
254PC World 8906 June 1989.pdf1989-062019-06-02
255PC World 8910 October 1989.pdf1989-102019-06-02
256PC World 8911 November 1989.pdf1989-112019-06-03
257PC World 0508 August 2005.pdf2005-082019-06-14
258PC World 0509 September 2005.pdf2005-092019-06-14
259PC World 0512 December 2005.pdf2005-122019-06-16
260PC World 9002 February 1990.pdf1990-022019-06-23
261PC World 9505 May 1995.pdf1995-052019-06-23
262PC World 9508 August 1995.pdf1995-082019-06-23
263PC World 0601 January 2006.pdf2006-012019-06-25
264PC World 0603 March 2006.pdf2006-032019-06-25
265PC World 0907July 2009.pdf2009-072019-06-29
266PC World 0909 September 2009.pdf2009-092019-06-30
267PC World 0910 October 2009.pdf2009-102019-06-30
268PC World 0302 February 2003.pdf2003-022021-02-04
269PC World 0404 April 2004.pdf2004-042021-02-04
270PC World 8306 V1N4 June 1983.pdf1983-062021-02-07
271PC World 8309 September 1983.pdf1983-092021-02-09
272PC World 0101 January 2001.pdf2001-012021-02-10
273PC World 8705 May 1987.pdf1987-052021-02-12
274PC World 8711 November 1987.pdf1987-112021-02-18
275PC World 8908 August 1989.pdf1989-082021-02-25
276PC World 9008 August 1990.pdf1990-082021-03-01
277PC World 9006 June 1990.pdf1990-062021-03-04
278PC World 9009 September 1990.pdf1990-092021-03-07
279PC World 9010 October 1990.pdf1990-102021-03-25
280PC World 9011 November 1990.pdf1990-112021-05-03
281PC World 9012 December 1990.pdf1990-122021-05-04
282PC World 9101 January 1991.pdf1991-012021-05-09
283PC World 9104 April 1991.pdf1991-042021-05-12
284PC World 9105 May 1991.pdf1991-052021-05-25
285PC World 9106 June 1991.pdf1991-062021-06-01
286PC World 9107 July 1991.pdf1991-072021-07-14
287PC World 9108 August 1991.pdf1991-082021-07-23
288PC World 9109 September 1991.pdf1991-092021-08-05
289PC World 9110 October 1991.pdf1991-102021-08-11
290PC World 9111 November 1991.pdf1991-112021-08-16
291PC World 9201 January 1992.pdf1992-012021-08-20
292PC World 9202 February 1992.pdf1992-022021-08-21
293PC World 9203 March 1992.pdf1992-032021-08-25
294PC World 9204 April 1992.pdf1992-042021-08-28
295PC World 9205 May 1992.pdf1992-052021-09-02
296PC World 9207 July 1992.pdf1992-072021-09-07
297PC World 9209 Sept 1992.pdf1992-092021-09-08
298PC World 9211 November 1992.pdf1992-112021-09-10
299PC World 9404 April 1994.pdf1994-042021-09-13
300PC World 9405 May 1994.pdf1994-052021-09-14
301PC World 9407 July 1994.pdf1994-072021-09-15
302PC World 9408 August 1994.pdf1994-082021-09-17
303PC World 9409 September 1994.pdf1994-092021-09-17
304PC World 9410 October 1994.pdf1994-102021-09-20
305PC World 9411 November 1994.pdf1994-112021-10-02
306PC World 9412 December 1994.pdf1994-122021-10-04
307PC World 9501 January 1995.pdf1995-012021-10-06
308PC World 9506 June 1995.pdf1995-062021-10-08
309PC World 9507 July 1995.pdf1995-072021-10-08
310PC World 9511 November 1995.pdf1995-112021-10-11
311PC World 9602 February 1996.pdf1996-022021-10-12
312PC World 9603 March 1996.pdf1996-032021-10-15
313PC World 9605 May 1996.pdf1996-052021-10-17
314PC World 9607 July 1996.pdf1996-072021-10-19
315PC World 9608 August 1996.pdf1996-082021-10-21
316PC World 9609 September 1996.pdf1996-092021-10-25
317PC World 9610 October 1996.pdf1996-102021-10-26
318PC World 9611 Novermber 1996.pdf1996-112021-10-28
319PC World 9612 December 1996.pdf1996-122021-10-30
320PC World 9702 February 1997.pdf1997-022021-11-01
321PC World 9704 April 1997.pdf1997-042021-11-02
322PC World 9705 May 1997.pdf1997-052021-11-05
323PC World 9708 August 1997.pdf1997-082021-11-09
324PC World 9709 Sepbember 1997.pdf1997-092021-11-12
325PC World 9712 December 1997 2.pdf1997-122021-11-15
326PC World 9801 January 1998.pdf1998-012021-11-16
327PC World 9802 February 1998.pdf1998-022021-11-18
328PC World 9803 March 1998.pdf1998-032021-11-21
329PC World 9804 April 1998.pdf1998-042021-11-21
330PC World 9902 February 1999.pdf1999-022021-11-22