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Vintage Apple Develop Magazine Library

Ron R. was generous enough to share his PDF libary of Apple's Develop magazine.
The native PDF version of the library came as each article in a separate PDF file, so
Ron wrote some Applescript to assemble it into a magazine PDF format with the
articles in proper order.

Thanks Ron!

Some interesting tidbits
- The first four issues continue page numbering from the end of one issue to the next
- For the first four issues, they dated them by year and month. For issues 5-9, they
dated them by year and season. With the 10th issue, they went back to year / month.

1develop-01 9001 January 1990.pdf19902018-04-09
2develop-02 9004 April 1990.pdf19902018-04-09
3develop-03 9007 July 1990.pdf19902018-04-09
4develop-04 9010 October 1990.pdf19902018-04-09
5develop-05 9101 Winter 1991.pdf19912018-04-09
6develop-06 9104 Spring 1991.pdf19912018-04-09
7develop-07 9107 Summer 1991.pdf19912018-04-09
8develop-08 9110 Autum 1991.pdf19912018-04-09
9develop-09 9201 Winter 1992.pdf19922018-04-09
10develop-10 9205 May 1992.pdf19922018-04-09
11develop-11 9208 August 1992.pdf19922018-04-09
12develop-12 9212 December 1992.pdf19922018-04-09
13develop-13 9313 March 1993.pdf19932018-04-09
14develop-14 9306 June 1993.pdf19932018-04-09
15develop-15 9309 September 1993.pdf19932018-04-09
16develop-16 9312 December 1993.pdf19932018-04-09
17develop-17 9403 March 1994.pdf19942018-04-09
18develop-18 9406 June 1994.pdf19942018-04-09
19develop-19 9408 September 1994.pdf19942018-04-09
20develop-20 9412 December 1994.pdf19942018-04-09
21develop-21 9503 March 1995.pdf19952018-04-09
22develop-22 9506 June 1995.pdf19952018-04-09
23develop-23 9509 September 1995.pdf19952018-04-09
24develop-24 9512 December 1995.pdf19952018-04-09
25develop-25 9603 March 1996.pdf19962018-04-09
26develop-26 9606 June 1996.pdf19962018-04-09
27develop-27 9609 September 1996.pdf19962018-04-09
28develop-28 9612 December 1996.pdf19962018-04-09
29develop-29 9703 March 1997.pdf19972018-04-10