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Vintage Apple Facts Booklet Collection

The Apple Facts booklets, distributed in the 1990's, were compact reference guides
that summarized available Apple hardware and softare products at the time of
publication. They are great little resources for understanding a snapshot in time
in the history of Apple products

Many thank to Don S. for taking the initiative to find these on eBay and have them sent
to me.

Note that there is a column for the date the file was scanned (or restored) as well
as the ability to sort by the different columns. If you want to see what is new
since your last visit, sort by the Scanned column and look for files created
since your last visit

#ThumbTitleYear-MoScanned Y-M-D
1Apple Facts 9302 2.93 February 1993.pdf1993-022021-11-18
2Apple Facts 9308 8.93 August 1993.pdf1993-082019-07-12
3Apple Facts 9410 10.94 October 1994.pdf1994-102019-10-25
4Apple Facts 9504 4.95 April 1995.pdf1995-042019-10-09
5Apple Facts 9510 10.95 October 1995.pdf1995-102019-09-10
6Apple Facts 9605 5.96 May 1996.pdf1996-052019-09-26
7Apple Facts 9611 11.96 November 1996.pdf1996-112019-09-26
8Apple Facts 9708 8.97 August 1997.pdf1997-082019-09-10
9Apple Facts 9801 1.98 January 1998.pdf1998-012021-11-18