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The Mac Driver Museum

A Collection of Orphaned Drivers for all Macs
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Video Card and Monitor Drivers


  • Here are several links for this defunct maker of the 3dfx Voodoo 2,3,4,5 video cards:
  • Clan MacGaming's Archive
  • Xlr8yourmac's 3dfx news page
  • ZDnet 3dfx Voodoo 5 driver

  • Aaps

  • Aaps MicroTV driver This NuBUS card program permits TV viewing in a window.

  • Envisio

  • Envsio Notebook Display driver
  • This is the driver disk for the Envisio Notebook Display Adapter, an external video adapter for the PowerBook 140/145/170.

  • Emachines

  • DoubleColor SX v3.5.1
  • This is a two disk image set of drivers and utilities for the E-Machines DoubleColor SX video card.

  • ix Micro

  • Here are several links for this defunct maker of the Twin Turbo, Turbo TV, Ultimate Res video cards:
  • MacSales Driver page
  • Bill Millers ixMicro page
  • ix3D Driver page

  • Lapis Display Software

  • Lapis Display Server (120k)
  • Lapis ProColorServer 8 v5.2.2 (60k)
  • Lapis ProColorServer 24X v5.4.0 (20k)
  • Please email me if you have Lapis drivers or info to contribute

  • Micron

  • Micron Monitor XCEED 1.0 (13 k)
  • Micron driver for the XCEED 8 bit video card for the SE/30.

  • Micron Monitor XCEED 2.01 (19 k)
  • Micron driver for the XCEED 24 bit color video card for the SE/30.

  • Miro

  • Prisma 16GX - Driver for the Miro Prisma 16GX Nubus video board...akin to RadiusWare 3.2.5


  • Mobius Drivers (91 k)
  • This driver does not work well with System 7+. Also includes Mobius Display v2.5 driver.
  • Mobius 7.01 Fix (12 k) An extension to fix problems with 7.01 info.

  • Radius

  • Radius drivers for Mac +, SE, Classic
  • Radius accelerator and graphic card drivers for Mac +, SE, Classic.
  • Knight Tech Compilation of Video Drivers - Supermac, Radius, eMachines
  • Soft Pivot 3.2.1 driver Driver for the Pivot Series Monitors.

  • Sigma Designs

  • Sigma Designs Power Portrait Monitor driver v2.02 (920 k)
  • Driver for the unique Sigma Designs Portrait Monitor which connects via the SCSI port.
  • The above links are courtesy of Steve Keough. Visit his Sigma Designs Monitor Info Page.

  • Please use the MDM Yahoo Group for discussion, uploads, requests, new links, etc.
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