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A Collection of Orphaned Drivers for all Macs
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Network Card Drivers

  • 3COM NUBUS Ethernet driver (600 k) For System 6.
  • 3COM SE Ethernet driver (486 k) For System 6.
  • 3COM SE NIC driver (60 k) 3COM driver for their Mac SE NIC card for system 7.
  • First user contribution. (Thanks Tjabring!)

  • Apple
  • Apple's NIC drivers v1.4.4 (544 k, 800k disk image)
  • Apple's NIC drivers v1.5.1 (696 k, Mac HD image)
  • These installer packages include drivers for Apple's older (system 6, 7) ethernet drivers & machines (Nubus, LC, CS).
  • I include NSI 1.4.4 since it is an 800k image and supports some 3rd party NIC cards.
  • NSI 1.5.1 dropped support for 3rd party NIC cards.

  • Asanté
  • Asanté Ethertalk Installer Version - 5.6.1 (910 k, Mac HD image)
  • Asanté Ethertalk Installer Version - 5.2.9 (636 k, 800k disk image)
  • Use with Asanté 10Mbps Macintosh Adapters for NuBus, Commslot, LC, SE, SE-30 and PDS slots.
  • Also for use with Asanté EN/SC family of SCSI Ethernet Adapters.
  • Asanté Software Web site with other utilities & drivers

  • Cabletron
  • Cabletron Systems' Ethertalk Network drivers v4.00 (1369 k)
  • This installer package includes drivers for Cabletrons Nubus, LC, SE/30 ethernet NICs.
  • Select custom install for SCSI to ethernet drivers.

  • Compatible Systems
  • Ether+ SCSI Installer v1.4.7b2 (508 k, 800k image)
  • Ether+ SCSI Installer v1.48 (452 k, 800k image)
  • Ether+ SCSI Installer v1.49b0 (440 k, 800k image)
  • Drivers for a rare, ancient Ethernet to SCSI adapter by Compatible Systems Corp.
  • Versions 1.48 and 1.49 may be a bit less reliable in certain instances.

  • Daynaport Ethertalk NIC drivers v7.5.3 (508 k)
  • This installer package includes drivers for all of Dayna's classic NIC cards.

  • Digital Communications Associates
  • DCA MacIRMA Driver Page
  • These drivers are for a Mac to IBM Mainframe network adapter card.

  • Dove
  • Dove FastNet III and SE/30 NIC drivers v2.0 (444 k)

  • Farallon Drivers FTP site
  • The Farallon FTP site has drivers for Nubus, PCI, LC, and SCSI NIC cards as well as several 3rd party network utilities.
  • Farallon Ethernet Installer 2.3 (468 k) Direct d/l from FTP site.
  • Farallon MicroSCSI1.1.2 Installer (570 k) Direct d/l from FTP site.
  • LAN/Modem PC Card Installer 2.02 (878 k) - Drivers, configuration utilities, and diagnostic tools for the Farallon LAN/Modem PC Card.

  • Focus / API Engineering
  • EtherLAN 4.2 Drivers (426 k)
  • EtherLAN SC 1.4.8 Drivers for their SCSI Ethernet adapters (332 k)
  • EtherLAN 1.1.3 Driver especially for the LC III (300 k)
  • Read Me for the above 3 files
  • These drivers will also work with API Engineering's Etherrun Card.
  • Older API/Focus driver v1.1 (296 k)
  • EtherLan 1400 Driver Driver for the Focus 1400 Powerbook ethernet NIC (92k)

  • Nuvolink
  • Nuvolink SCSI to Ethernet adapter driver v1.4.4 (352 k)
  • The Nuvotech design was bought by Focus and became the Focus EtherLAN SC.

  • Shiva/Kinetics/Excelan/Novell
  • Shiva Etherport II Drivers (356 k, 800k image)
  • Shiva drivers for Shiva/Kinetics/Excelan/Novell Etherport II NuBus, SE/30, and SE NIC cards.  For both Systems 6 & 7.

  • Shiva NetSerial, EtherGate, Netmodem drivers and software

  • SMC Entry page for their Drivers
  • This is the driver for the PCI 10/100 ethernet card I have installed in my Starmax 4000 Mac Clone (not truly for Classic Macs!).
  • The card is marketed for PC's, but they have this MacOS driver on their web site.

  • Sonic Systems
  • Sonic Systems EtherLAN 6.1 Drivers (976 k) Drivers for their NuBus, IIsi, LC, SE, SCSI ethernet NICs.
  • Sonic Systems EtherLAN 7.8 Drivers (660 k) As above but also including their PCI NICs.
  • These packages have a nice readme file that details installation of NICs in all of the machines including internal diagrams.

  • Please use the Mac Driver Museum Yahoo Group for discussion, uploads, requests, new links, etc.
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