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9/17/22: I'm selling my Mac collection!.
12/8/21: Added the PC World Magazine collection.
11/18/21: Added the Apple Facts booklets.
6/22/21: Fixed three bad Byte issue pdf files. Discovered that the entire 1995 year of MacUser in native PDF format off of a CD have the issues missing lots of pages. I'm going to look for magazines to scan to replace that year.
9/3/19: Now linking to some projecs we love. Hope you love them too.
7/14/19: Added a collection of Apple / Mac manuals. These are official apple publications that came with Macs or were for Apple software.
7/13/19: Added about 100 more books to the Mac books collection. There are now over 400 vintage Mac books in this collection!.
7/10/19: Added the original Inside Macintosh series and related materials and the revamped Inside Macintosh series.
4/19/19: Added Apple II related materials.
4/19/19: Added Laserwriter related materials.
4/18/19: Added many more catalogs to the collection.
4/18/19: Added books about Apple and Steve Jobs.
4/9/19: Added mirror of Gamba's site, which is now dead.
2/11/19: Last 8 issues of Byte Magazine added; the Byte archive is now complete. Many thanks to The National Museum of Computing in Canada for providing 4 of the mising issues. (Please consider donating to them to support computer history.)
2/7/19: Added HTTPS support to this site, so now your vintage Mac obsession is safe from prying eyes. My hope is that this helps the Google rankings, so that more people find this site, and he useful info herein, but it may be a problem for anyone accessing the site from a vintage Mac. Let me know if you wish this were available non-HTTPS still.
2/6/19: Added 1990-1998 to the restored Byte Magazine collection. Just missing 5 issues for the entire 1975-1998 run of the magazine.
10/14/18: Added the restored Byte Magazine collection, which includes issues from 1975 to 1989.
6/5/18: Various vintage Mac catalogs added.
6/5/18: Softalk Magazine archives 1980-1984 added.
5/30/18: The archives now total 51 gigabytes!
5/30/18: Final missing / damaged issues issues of MacUser added / updated. The MacUser collection is now complete, going from October 1985 to October 1997.
5/28/18: Macworld issues from 1995 to 2005 added.
4/14/18: Develop magazine added.
12/5/17: 1995 year added to the MacUser archive .
10/22/17: MacUser archives through 1994 added.
10/22/17: Mac programming books added.
5/26/16: Macworld archives from 1984 to 1994 added.
5/19/16: Vintage Mac books added.