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Massive Vintage Apple / Macintosh Collection for Sale!

Hello Everyone. This collection has been growing for 20 years and I just don't
know that I'll ever have the time and energy to restore it all, so it's time to
pass the torch to someone that can (hello everyone on

I've already pulled out a few items to satisfy my need for vintage Macness, so everything
else is listed here and needs to go.

Here is an long list of everything in the lot; it amounts to over 500 items, including
Lisas, accelerators, compact macs, complete working systems, CRT monitors,
printers, and powerbooks to name a few. Oh, and complete Xceed greyscale card for
the SE/30. There are a TON of sought after items included in this lot.

I have probably some of the last original laserwriter printers, and a very extensive lot
of repair parts for them, proably the last bunch of laserwriter repair parts in existence

I've done my best to make the list accurate. There may be some inconsistencies here
and there, and there are definitely items that will be included in the list that are not
on the list. If there are specific items you want me to verify are included, I am happy to
do that.

I just don't have the time to satisfy individual requests or to ship anything; I am
going to sell everything as a single lot, to be picked up in person (i.e. Uhaul or
borrow a box truck). I am located in Santa Barbara, CA.

I'd prefer if a group of enthusiasts wanted to band together to buy the lot and split
it amongst themselves but if sommeone wants to buy it all and sell it individually
on eBay for profit, more power to them.

Please contact me if you want to make a serious offer.

Update: This is listed on eBay now.