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How To Transfer Files From PC to MAC
MacWindows, "the Web Site for Macintosh-Windows Integration Solutions."
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Article: from
Mac/PC Networking Describes LAN of PPC, PC, Classic Macs, Printer, and Cable Modem.

Article: from The Mac Driver Museum.
PC to Mac File Transfer explains "how to download Mac drivers/software on a PC and get it to a 1.44 Mb floppy equipped Mac. This article was originally written by Matti Haveri in the Classic Macs Mailing list."

Article: from The Macintosh SE Support Pages .
Connecting your SE to a PC explains how to read PC floppies on Mac SuperDrive and for 800K Macs, how to communicate with PC via Serial Port connection.

Articles: from the pickle's Low-End Mac FAQ.
 •How can I get an OS on a Mac using only my PC?
 •How can I get files from my PC to my Mac?.
   RAWRITE directory
   WinImage download page
   HFS Utilities homepage
   Star Gate utility homepage

Article: from new Three Macs and a Printer site.
Mac-to-PC File Sharing

Article: from
Peer-to-Peer Cross-Platform Networking "Null-modem (aka Cross-Over or One-to-One) Connections
Also some ideas of free or cheap file sharing between 1 Mac and 1 Windows PC."

Articles: from Jag's House.
Macs and PeeCee's explains how to download Mac software on a PC and get it to a 1.44 Mb floppy equipped Mac,
with links to other articles.
Networking Mac to Mac or PC to Mac with two modems.
Using a PeeCee to Download mac OS for A Classic Mac.

Download PC-to-Mac Jumpstart.
"This zipfile contains tools needed to move files between your Windows PC and Macintosh systems using floppy disks." [snip] "In addition to this ReadMe, the zipfile contains DISKIMG.EXE and pc_mac.img. The DISKIMG program will create a Macintosh disk on a PC-formatted floppy; it must be run from a DOS window under Windows 95 or NT."

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Windows Software
Aladdin Expander for Windows 5.1.1 Installer
Windows 95/98/NT 4.0/ME compatible.

HFVExplorer 1.3.1  HFVExplorer home page
"This freeware program will let you mount or format 1.4 MB Mac floppies on a PC, read/write to them, mount
Mac CD's on your PC's and much more. It's excellent to use, and can *correctly* handle Mac files on a PC.
View or download the comprehensive tutorial manual at the end of "HFVExplorer" homepage."
Self-extracting HFV Explorer installer.
Third party downloads: hfvexplorer131  hfvexplorer131 help

TransMac  TransMac home page
TransMac v3.3 for Windows 3.1 (16 bit)
TransMac v4.2 for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
TransMac v6.0
"Read, write and format 1.4 MB Macintosh high density diskettes, CDROMs, hard drives, and most removable
drives (Iomega, Zip, Jaz, Clik, SyQuest, optical, etc).
System Requirements: Windows 95, 98, NT or 2000 (16 bit version also available for Win 3.x)"
Third party downloads: TransMac v3.4

Basilisk II   Basilisk II home page
"Basilisk II is an Open Source 68k Macintosh emulator. That is, it enables you to run 68k MacOS software on
your computer, even if you are using a different operating system. However, you still need a copy of MacOS and
a Macintosh ROM image to use Basilisk II. --- Easy file exchange with the host OS via a "Host Directory Tree" icon on the Mac desktop."

MacDrive 98 (now 2000)  MacDrive home page
"MacDrive 98 from Media4, using 1.4 MB Mac disks on a PC is completely transparent.
It lets a PC do a much better job reading Mac disks than a Mac does with PC disks."

MacDisk for Windows  MacDisk home page
"MacDisk, utility to manage Macintosh floppy disks, CD-ROMs and all SCSI media on a PC without any add-on."

TSStalk 2.0   TSStalk home page
"With TSStalk, Windows users can access files on any Macintosh workstation or AppleShare server, including
AppleShare IP 6.x, Personal File Sharing and UNIX-based machines. Plus, print to any AppleTalk-capable printer.
For Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000."

Mac-ette 1.0: (12/23/92)
Mac-ette v3.0U: (04/17/94)
"Mac-ette is a PC utility which can read, write, format and duplicate Macintosh
HFS format 1.4 Meg diskettes on a PC equipped with a 3.5 inch high density diskette drive."

Mac-ette PLUS: (Acute Systems)
"Mac-ette Plus has all the features of the registered version of Mac-ette, but also allows
access to CDROM and BIOS/ASPI SCSI devices connected to your PC.
Many Mac HFS formatted CDROMS, SyQuest disks, optical disks, etc. can be accessed with this version."

MacSEE 2.2: (3/24/93)
"MacSEE is a utility that will allow you to read/write Macintosh format diskettes on your PC. This includes
1.44 MB High Density Macintosh diskettes and Macintosh hard disks including SyQuest removable hard
drives formatted on a Mac. It does not include 800K Mac disks."

MacSEE 4.3 demo: (9/16/95)
"A DOS/Windows Utility (similar to Apple File Exchange) which allows DOS compatibles to transfer files
to and from Mac HD disks. Also can decode BinHex and MacBinary files on the DOS machine directly to a
Mac-readable disk (very handy for those without Mac net access!) Demo version limited to 16kB files, can't
format Mac disks, can't modify Mac resources. Must be downloaded in "Binary" mode, and decompressed on a DOS
machine using "pkunzip", a common DOS utility found elsewhere. Requires 3.5" High Density floppy drive."

"The industry leading PC-to-Mac connectivity solution has won many awards,........."
Download PC MACLAN 6.01
3rd party Macintosh Software.
AccessPC v1.2
AccessPC v3.0
Control Panel, allows the 1.4MB SuperDrive to read/write DOS disks.

DOS Mounter v3.0  Software Architects Inc home page

DOS Mounter 98 demo v2.0.1  Download
"DOS Mounter 98 includes 148 new extension mappings. It mounts floppies, removables, and hard drives up to
9GB and seamlessly access DOS and Windows directories and files from DOS disks. Unlike any other file interchange
utility, DOS Mounter98 provides bi-directional transfer capabilities so files returned to the PC retain their Windows95
long filenames and extended Mac filenames are automatically truncated to standard 31 characters. The full version
includes a formatter capable of formatting in HFS, HFS+, and DOS. The demo is good for 21 days. Its only functional
piece is a control panel. Trash it when the trial period is over. Removable media drives must use DOS Mounter's driver.
Temporarily disable other driver extensions (i.e. Iomega Driver)."

Dave  Dave home page
Download v2.1  (For 68K Macs)  Serial: 35326  License Code: BDBRPEYISY6161SEU6OWYBBV1P
Download v2.5.2
"DAVE is the first and only cross-platform networking solution of its kind. DAVE uses the fast, industry
standard TCP/IP protocol instead of AppleTalk and is designed specifically for the Apple Macintosh.
It is installed on the Macintosh and no additional hardware or software is required on the PC."

Double Talk  Double Talk home page
"DoubleTalk revolutionizes Mac-PC networking by enabling Power Mac users to connect to PC network
servers and printers from within the familiar Mac interface - not in a Windows environment. No network
reconfiguration is required - you can set up your own Mac and connect to a PC network right away."

ISO-no-HFS  download
An application to mount the ISO 9660 portion of a hybrid CD.
Will read PC portion, which is usualy inaccessable, of "special" CDs which are formatted to work on either
a Mac of PC. Incompatible with AccessPC. windows. Compatible with Finder 7.1.3, 7.1.4, 7.5.1 and 7.5.3.

MacSOHO 1.0   MacSOHO home page   Download
"MacSOHO, new file share software that enables graphics and text files to be shared between Macs and
PCs in a Small Office/Home Office environment. Easily shares graphics and text files between Macs and
PCs. No additional PC software required." Mac OS 8.6 or 9.x required.

Joliet extension  Joliet File System home page
"Basically, this free System Extension enhances the way your Macintosh computer can read CD-ROMs from other platforms,
mainly Windows. Until now, if you inserted a Windows CD-ROM in your Mac, file names appeared to be crippled (in
the so-called 8.3 format) or files may have been inaccessible. This Joliet extension is designed to solve these problems.
Especially, if you have CD-ROMs with the following contents you'll likely benefit from this enhancement:
  • MP3 songs.
  • Java class and/or source files.
  •web content, such as html files.
  • DirectCD."

MacLinkPlus 8.1
Part of OS 7.6 Installer Utilities disk. Expands DOS file translation capabilities of Macintosh Easy Open.
"Easily use DOS/Windows files on your Mac, convert Mac files into DOS/Windows files, convert between different Mac formats."

MacLinkPlus Deluxe 12.0  Homepage
"Open Windows files on your Mac."

WatchDos 1.0.0 control panel
Warns against accidental erasing of DOS disk when inserted into Mac.
Download WatchDos 1.0.0.

Apple Macintosh Software.
Apple File Exchange: (System 6 & 7)
"Apple File Exchange is a System 6 & 7 file translation utility application that converts a file from one format to another.
For example, Apple File Exchange can take a DOS- formatted file and translate it to a Macintosh format.
The file can then be opened by Macintosh applications designed to read the format into which the file has been translated."
Apple File Exchange 1.0.1  (included with Sys 2.0.1, 5.0 & 5.1).
Apple File Exchange 1.1    (included with Sys 6.0 & 6.0.2).
Apple File Exchange 1.1.1  (included with Sys 6.0.3).
Apple File Exchange 1.1.3  (included with Sys 6.0.4).
Apple File Exchange 1.1.4  (included with Sys 6.0.5, 6.0.7, 6.0.8, & 6.0.8L).
Apple File Exchange 7.0    (included with Sys 7.0 thru 7.1.1).   Download Apple File Exchange 2 (7.0) instructions.
Apple File Exchange articles from Apple Tech Info Library Archive:
Macintosh: Networking With a Windows PC 11/07/02
Macintosh PC Exchange: Workaround to Get AFE to Recognize DOS 09/01/94
Apple File Exchange and Apple Multiple Scan Displays (08/15/94)
AV Series: 800K ProDOS Disks and Apple File Exchange (12/14/93)
Color Classic: Apple File Exchange Error Message (08/31/93)
High-Density and Double-Density Formats Not Interchangeable 08/22/91
System 6.0.4: Problem with Two-Floppy Macintosh SE and AFE 08/23/91
Macintosh-to-MS-DOS Connectivity: AFE and SuperDrive Problems 08/23/91
AFE: Reading 720K MS-DOS Disk Requires SuperDrive 08/23/91
AFE 1.4: 824 GC Acceleration Problem 06/18/92
MacLink Plus: AFE-Compatible File Translation 08/04/89
AFE: Remove ProDOS or MS-DOS File System Before Translating 12/11/91
AFE: Problems Translating Into RFT and DCA Formats 09/18/89
Apple File Exchange: AppleWorks-Microsoft Works Transporter (01/25/88)
Apple File Exchange: AppleWorks 3.0 to MS Works Translator (07/01/91)
Apple File Exchange: Available on System 6.0.X and 7.0 Disks (02/09/92)
AFE-Compatible Translators: Information on How to Write Them 05/24/89
Modifying Apple File Exchange (05/24/89)
AFE 1.0.1: Problem Formatting ProDOS Disk On Mac (01/25/88)
Macintosh: How To Use AFE To Import ProDOS PFS File Data (12/03/88)
Moving Apple II DOS 3.3 Data to Macintosh 05/05/88
Apple File Exchange: A Description (10/19/87)
Apple II: Transferring Data to a Macintosh Without AFE (07/09/85)
PC Exchange: For "Extract" use TomeViewer 13d3.
"Apple's PC Exchange control panel allows Macs to read PC-formatted floppies and external drives such as Zip drives. Requires System 7.0 or higher."
PC Exchange 1.0.3
PC Exchange 1.0.4  (included with Sys 7.1.2 (PPC)).
PC Exchange 1.0.5  (included in Additions disk of Sys 7.1.2 (Quadra)).
PC Exchange 2.0.2 & Mac Easy Open 1.1 Extract from Install Disk 4 of Sys 7.5.
PC Exchange 2.0.3 & Mac Easy Open 1.1.1 Extract from Disk 3 of System 7.5 _Update 1.0.
PC Exchange 2.0.4 & Mac Easy Open 1.1.1 Extract from Disk 4 of System 7.5.2 Update PB_5300_SW.
PC Exchange 2.0.5 & Mac Easy Open 1.1.2 Extract from Disk 3 of System 7.5 _Update 2.0.
PC Exchange 2.1.1 & Mac OS Easy Open 1.1.3 Included with Sys 7.6 (Install 14 & Install 7) & Sys 8.0.
PC Exchange 2.2  Extract from Mac_OS_8.1_Update.smi.bin-->Update Install Pieces-->Software Installers-->System Software-->Mac OS 8.1 Updater-->Tome 1.
PC Exchange articles from Apple Tech Info Library Archive:
Apple File Exchange and Macintosh PC Exchange: A Comparison (11/92)
PC Exchange: RESOURCE.FRK File Seen on PC (12/11/92)
PC Exchange: Not Recognizing DOS Disks (11/29/92)
PC Exchange: Manual Correction (02/16/93)
PC Exchange: OS/2 Filing System Support (04/23/93)
PC Exchange: Symptoms of INIT Conflicts (04/30/93)
PC Exchange: PC Icon on a Hard Disk (04/30/93)
PC Exchange: Apple 5.25-Inch Disk Drive (04/30/93)
PC Exchange: Losing Diacritical Marks (04/30/93)
PC Exchange: Supports 5.25-inch Drives (06/18/93)
PC Exchange: Version 1.0.2 Update (07/02/93)
PC Exchange 1.0.3: Using with Other Applications (07/02/93)
PC Exchange: Opening MS-DOS documents using Macintosh (07/12/93)
PC Exchange: Incompatibility with Toner Tuner (04/28/94)
PC Exchange: Error Opening Control Panel (06/13/94)
PC Exchange 2.0.1: Read Me File (07/08/94)
PC Exchange 1.0.5: Modified File Dates Problem (08/03/94)
PC Exchange: Workaround to Get AFE to Recognize DOS (09/01/94)
PC Exchange: Mapping Database Files (09/02/94)
PC Exchange: Reading DOS Formatted SyQuest Cartridges (10/12/94)
PC Exchange 2.0: Description (10/13/94)
PC Exchange 2.0.2: File Size Issue (12/16/94)
PC Exchange: How To Turn Off (07/27/95)
PC Exchange: Mounting Hybrid DOS/Macintosh CD (05/07/96)
PC Exchange: Known SCSI Option Issues (05/14/96)
PC Exchange and ZIP Drive Issues (06/06/96)
PC Exchange: Max of All Partition Names is 32 Characters (07/08/96)
PC Exchange: Reason for Versions 2.0.4 and 2.0.5 (08/15/96)
PC Exchange 2.0.3: ReadMe File (10/14/96)
PC Exchange: Floppy Format Problem (04/17/97)
PC Exchange: ProDOS, MS DOS, and Macintosh Partitions (02/25/98)
PC Exchange 2.2: 1GB or Large Volume Support (02/26/98)
PC Exchange: Copying Large DOS Files Issue (03/12/98)
PC Exchange (03/13/98)
At Ease 3.0: PC Exchange Will Not Mount PC Disks (12/18/98)
PC Net Exchange: Read Me File (03/23/99)
PC Net Exchange: Difference Between 1.0 and 1.0.1 (03/23/99)
PC Exchange: Will it Recognize Windows 95 File Names? (05/20/99)
PC Exchange: Troubleshooting Overview (07/30/99)
PC Exchange: Disappearing Files (01/21/2000)
PC Exchange 2.0.5: Trouble Reading Large DOS Volumes (01/21/2000)
System 7.5: Use DOS Mounter or PC Exchange? 02/14/95
System 7.5: PC Exchange 2.0.2 Mounts Removable Media 02/14/95
System 7.5: DOS Mounter Compatibility 02/14/95
System 7.5: PC Exchange Works with Easy Open 02/16/95
Power Macintosh & CD-ROM: Want to Initialize Dialog 02/27/95
System 7.5: Key Features 03/23/95
Performa 450: Converting DOS Files to WP Works (7/93) 05/24/95
Macintosh: DOS, OS/2, and Windows Compatibility 05/24/95
System 7.5: Overview Of DOS Compatibility (1/96) 01/04/96
PC Exchange 2.1.1: Cannot Read Some DOS Floppy Disks 09/23/97
Converting ClarisWorks Files across Platforms 03/10/98
Exchanging Files between the Macintosh and Windows Versions 03/12/98
About Version 2.0 Macintosh, Read Me 03/12/98
Exchanging ClarisImpact 2.0 Files Between Macintosh and Windows 03/13/98
PC Compatibility Software 1.6: Read Me 05/01/98
PC Card Software 2.0 Read Me 09/22/98
PCMCIA Expansion Module: Can Read DOS Formatted Volumes 01/24/99
Convert2DOS Read Me 01/25/99
Apple Software: System 7.1 Compatibility 04/20/99
Macintosh: Troubleshooting a Rejected Disk 01/20/2000
DMF Formatted Disks: Second Disk Installation Fails 05/23/2000
System 7: Frequently Asked Questions 10/19/2000
Mac OS 8.5: File Exchange Control Panel Features 10/14/98
Mac OS 8.5: Disabling File Exchange Without Restarting 12/02/98
Mac OS 8.5: Crash When Using 720K DOS Diskettes 10/15/99
Mac OS 9: What's New - File Exchange 3.0.2 10/20/99
DOS Format Fixer 1.0 06/02/2000
PC Compatibility Overview 06/06/2000
Apple - Software Updates:
DOS Format Fixer v1.0
Convert2DOS v1.0
PC Exchange Mappings:
PC Exchange Mappings v1.1
File Exchange: (OS 8.5 and up)
"The new File Exchange 3.0 control panel unites Mac OS Easy Open and PC Exchange capabilities into a single control panel.
The control panel is divided into two sections: PC Exchange and File Translation."

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