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System 7.l Favorite Add-Ons

Download System 7.l in English, German, or French
Download System 7.l.l in English.
Download System 7.l.2 in English.
Download System Update 3.0.
    How to Network OS 7.1<——>OS X:
Filesharing sys 7.1 to OS 10.2
System 6 Heaven - Old Macs in an OS X environment
SharePoints (v3.2, Mac OS X 10.2 and higher) (v2.0.6, Mac OS X 10.1.x)

Network Software Installer 1.5.1:  Install before Open Transport.
Updates EtherNet drivers, and AppleTalk to version 58.1.5.

Modern Networking software:
Open Transport Software: (requires 68030 or better.)
Open Transport 1.1.2, installed after Open Transport 1.1
OT/PPP 1.0, installed after Open Transport 1.1.2.
    Classic Networking software:
MacPPP 2.01
MacTCP 2.0.6

Control Panels
BasicBlack 1.4.1   27K
DragAnyWindow 2.0   14K
Great for compact Macs. Moves those previously unmovable windows.
LocalTalk Bridge 2.1   31K  (requires 68020 or better)
Bridges a LocalTalk network to another network selected from the Network or AppleTalk control panels.
MT Everything 1.1.1   86K
Mounts, unmounts and identifies SCSI stuff. Sets startup disk.
SuperClock 4.0.4   31K
Menu bar clock, just like System 7.5.
WindowShade 1.2   33K
Just like System 7.5.
Bomb Shelter 1.01   4K
Adds "Continue" to many bomb dialogs.
CFM-68K Runtime Enabler 4.0   430K
Run Netscape Navigator 4.0.8 with Sys 7.1
File Sharing Extension 7.6.2   194K   (extract from Disk 10 of Sys 7.5 Update 2.0 using TomeViewer 1.3d3.)
Fixes problem of having to turn off File Sharing before unmounting shared disks or shutting down.
Forward Delete 1.1.4   5K
Enables the keyboard's forward delete key.
Macintosh Drag and Drop 1.1   34K
Implements intra and inter-application drag and drop.
Required by several applications, including iCab & Wannabe browsers.
MODE32 v7.5  ReadMe
Allows IIx, IIcx, SE/30, and Mac II (with 68851 PMMU) to use more than 8 MB RAM.
QuickTime 1.6.2   843K   More QuickTime links
Speeds video image calls by some applications, like jPegView. Uses only 20K of RAM when idle.
Thread Manager 2.0.1   28K    Thread Manager 2.1   31K
Required by several applications, including iCab & Wannabe browsers.
NOTE: Mode32 versions prior to v7.5 are not compatible with Thread Manager.
AppDisk 1.6.1
Ram disk application, great for browser cache.
Drop•Info 2.0
Small file attribute changer, drag & drop.
pdftyper 2.0
Small and fast .pdf file attribute changer, drag & drop, no keyboard entries.
TechTool 1.1.7
Rebuilds the desktop the right way, and can also save Get Info file comments.

Keyboard Shortcuts (List at Apple)

select floppy, COMMAND Y......ejects floppy without ghosting.

RamDisk+ .. 3.03 .. 3.23 .. 3.2.4 .. 3.2.4a .. (Control Panel) .. (Requires any Mac)
RamDisk+ will recognize up to 256 Megabytes of memory even when the Finder only recognizes 8 Megs.
Optionally switches System control to the RAM disk and ejects the startup floppy.

Maxima 2.0.3....Maxima 3.0.....(Requires 68020/PMMU or 68030)
In 24 bit mode, Maxima extends addressable RAM from the traditional 8 Megabyte limit to as much as 14 Megabytes, and uses the remaining physical RAM to create a Ram disk.
In the 32-bit mode Maxima creates a 32-bit compatible RAM disk with full memory protection.

AppDisk 1.6.1 .. (Application)
RAM Software
Mode32 v7.5  ReadMe
Allows IIx, IIcx, SE/30, and Mac II (with 68851 PMMU) to use more than 8 MB RAM.

Virtual 3.0.1.............(Requires 68020/PMMU or 68030)
Compact Virtual 3.0.2..(Requires Plus, SE, or Classic, with compatible accelerator)
Creates up to 14 MB of virtual memory.

RamDoubler 1.6.2......(Requires 68020/PMMU or 68030)
Doubles (or RamDoubler 2.0.2 triples) RAM without using hard drive.

OptiMem 2.1.4..........(Requires 68000, 68020, 68030, 68040, or PPC)
Dynamically de-fragments RAM, which allows opening an application that requires more RAM than the "Largest Unused Block".
Filesharing System 7.1 to OS 10.2  (Quoted with permission)
Date: Tue, 26 Nov 2002 11:01:22 -0500
Subject: Re: Filesharing sys 7.1 to OS 10.2   Success!!!!!!!
From: Bob Johnson
To; <> (Vintage Macs)

I finally found the key to this problem after trying the freeware osX 
program SharePoints, which allows you to manage the file sharing 
properties in osX with a GUI instead of through unix config files or 
the cryptic osX NetInfo Manager. The problem was on the osX side all 

What it boils down to is that the AppleFileServer subsystem in osX must 
be configured to use AppleTalk.  The SharePoints program makes this 
easy.  Just click on the box that says 'Use AppleTalk'.  It can also be 
enabled through the NetInfo Manager, but that utility is pretty 
cryptic.  Go to / , then config, then AppleFileServer.  Scroll down 
through the list of properties until you find use_appletalk.  Using the 
New Value and Delete Value items in the Directory menu, change the 0 
value to a 1.  It's a lot easier (and probably safer) to just use 
SharePoints to do this.  Somewhere on the disk is the actual unix 
configuration file the that is being edited, but I haven't found it yet.

Note that this is in addition to enabling "Make AppleTalk Active"  via 
the Network system preferences pane.  "Making AppleTalk Active" here 
without setting "use_appletalk" as described above allows the osX 
machine to connect to the classic system, but not vice versa.    
Setting "use_appletalk" without "Making AppleTalk Active" seemed to 
crash the AppleFileServer subsystem.   SharePoints made it easy to 
restart that.

Bottom line?  Get SharePoints.  While you can get by without it, it 
makes it much easier to set up sharing under osX, especially with older 
systems.  SharePoints can be downloaded from <>.

For the record, the network software on the Mac IIsi was that installed 
by a basic clean install of system 7.1 -->	
 Appleshare              7.1
 Ether Talk Phase 2      2.3.1
 Ether Talk Prep         1.0.2
 File Sharing Extension  7.1
 Network Extension       7.1

Control Panels:
 File Sharing Monitor    7.1
 Network                 2.3.3
 Sharing Setup           7.1
 Users & Groups          7.1

Thanks to all who participated in this quest.  Hope this is helpful to 


(Bob adds)
".... add a caution to discourage doing this via the 
NetInfo Manager unless they really know what they are doing."

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