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Knight-Tech collection of Video Drivers

This is the Drivers Page. To download drivers for your hardware, just click on the title of the item you own. These files are stored in ShrinkWrap format, they will automount to your desktop with the original disk image. You do not need a copy of ShrinkWrap to use these files.

Please note that this software is provided "as-is", without warranty of any kind. All of these companies are long since out of business, most of these drivers are 5+ years old (some are 10 years old), most will not work on OS 9, some will not work on OS 8. All should work on one version of OS 7 or another.

VideoVision PCI (you only need one of the Disk1 images, not both)
Disk1 - Install Disk v1.1
Disk1 - Install Disk v1.3
Disk2 - Documentation & Plug-ins
Disk3 - Third Party Updates
Radius Edit 2.0 Disk 1
Radius Edit 2.0 Disk 2
DiskExpress II

VideoVision Studio NuBus v2.0
Disk1 - Install Disk
Disk2 - System Disk
Disk3 - System Extensions

VideoVision Studio NuBus v2.5
Disk1 - Install Disk
Disk2 - System Disk
Disk3 - System Extensions
Disk4 - Digital Video Utilities

RasterOps Video Boards
PaintBoard Prism GT
PaintBoard Professional
PaintBoard Lighting
Horizon 24
24XLTV Video Board II
The RasterOps video boards above all use the same "Graphics Install" program. Here are a few revisions of this program:
RasterOps Graphics Install v3.2
RasterOps Graphics Install v3.3
MoviePak - Disk 1 - Disk 2 - Disk 3
MoviePak2 - Disk 1 - Disk 2 - Disk 3
VideoTime - Disk 1 - Disk 2 - Disk 3

Spigot PowerAV - Pro AV
Disk1 - Install Disk
Disk2 - Extras
DiskExpress II

SuperMac Spectrum 24 / Thunder 24 / Thunder II / Thunder II GX Video Cards
SuperVideo 2.7.4
SuperVideo 3.0
SuperVideo 3.1
Image Processing Accelerator 2.5
Image Processing Accelerator 2.5.6
SuperMac Video Card User Manual

Radius Video Cards
Thunder 30/1152 - 30/1600 - 30/1920
ThunderColor 30/1152 - 30/1600 - 30/1920
ThunderPower 30/1152 - 30/1600 - 30/1920
Precision Color 8/1600 - 24/1600
The above Radius cards use RadiusWare PCI for driver support, here are several versions of that software:
RadiusWare PCI v1.1
RadiusWare PCI v1.3
RadiusWare PCI v3.3
RadiusWare User Manual
These Radius cards do not use RadiusWare:
Tempest 2D/3D
Thunder 3D / Thunder TX 1152
These Radius cards use RadiusWare NuBus for driver support:
PrecisionColor 8xj - 24x - 24xp - 24xk - Pro 24x
RadiusWare NuBus v3.2.5

Radius PhotoEngine - NuBus 90 & Thunder 24GT
Version 1.0
Version 1.1

Radius PhotoBooster
Disk1 - Main Install Disk
Disk2 - Adobe PhotoShop 2.5 to 2.5.1 Updater

eMachine Video Cards
Futura II Documentation
Accessories Disk1 3.5.5
Accessories Disk2 3.5.5

Reply DOS on Mac Cards
Intel Pentium based PCI Cards
Disk1 - Formation CD v4.2.5
Disk2 - DOS On Mac PC Environment v1.1.2 Part 1
Disk3 - DOS On Mac PC Environment v1.1.2 Part 2
Disk4 - Video Drivers for DOS On Mac Windows 3.1x
Disk5 - Video Drivers for DOS On Mac Windows 95
Disk6 - Audio Drivers for DOS On Mac
AMD K5 based PCI Cards
Disk1 - Formation CD v4.2.5
Disk2 - DOS On Mac/AX PC Software v1.1
Disk3 - DOS On Mac/AX PC Setup Update v1.1
CD1 - PC Utilities v1.0 (Warning 37MB File)
CD2 - Mac OS System 7.5 Update 2.0 (Warning 22MB File)
AMD K5 based PDS Cards
Disk1 - Formation CD v3.9
Disk2 - Dos On Mac Installer Disk for DOS Environment v1.0.2
Disk3 - Install for Mac Environment v1.1.1
Disk4 - Dos On Mac Video Drivers v1.0

Radius Color Composer
Radius ProSense Disk 1
Radius ProSense Disk 2
Radius PressView
RadiusWare System Software for Full Page Display
Radius Thunder User Manual for Thunder IV & 24/GT
SuperMac SuperView SE 2.0
eMachine PowerLinkPresenter