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03/24/00  revised 09/11/03   WHERE TO DOWNLOAD SCSI HARD DRIVE INFO & SW

Hard Drive low level formatters:
Apr 90 MicroNet Utility 4.1
92 Europa HD Formatter 3.55
Apr 93 A11iance Power Too1s 2.7.3
Dec 94 SCSI Direct0r 3.1.1
. PLI Formatter 4.0.0
Jan 95 PLI Formatter 4.1.0
Nov 95 SCSI Direct0r 4.0.1b3
Dec 95 Si1ver1ining 5.6.3  Jan 98 Si1ver1ining 5.8.2 Updater
Aug 96 Si1ver1ining Lite 2.0 control panel.
Aug 96 Lido 7.5.6
Mar 97 Formatter0ne Pro 2.1.6
Jun 97 MicroNet Utility 7.2.7
Mar 01 Blue Disk Manager 2.41

Apple HD SC Setup v7.3.5:
Apple_HD_SC_Setup_7.3.5, patched with Apple-hd-sc-setup-735-patch, will recognize probably all SCSI hard drives.
The patch application requires System 7. System 6 users can perform the patch by using Res Edit 2.1.3 as follows:
'wfwr' resource 'ID 67' at offset '000000', replace data '00' with data 'FF'.

Apple HD SC Setup v7.3.5 (Patched):

The following will recognize anything that rotates, but should be used only as a last resort.
Apple HD SC Setup 3.0.1 (A/UX)
Apple HD SC Setup 3.0.1 (A/UX) (download with Fetch.)
Apple HD SC Setup 3.1  (A/UX)
Maximum Hard Drive Size:
Macintosh Operating System: Maximum Volume Size
System 7.5: Enhanced Large Volume Size Support

Hard Drive Utilities:
Mt-Everything control panel 1.1.1 Mt-Everything Home Page
SCSI Probe control panel 3.5  4.3  5.2
Disk_Rejuvenator 1.0
SetupPartitions 1.0.5
DiskExpress II 2.21
Disk Spy 1.9b9
Disk First Aid 7.2.2  7.2.3  8.2  8.6  8.6.1
SCSI Manager 4.3.1 extension: extract from Disk 2 of Update 7.5.1,
or from Install Disk 4 of OS 7.5 using TomeViewer 1.3d3.

Hard Drive jumpers:>Micro Mini

Conner family (@
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Technical Support
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Formatting Macintosh SCSI drives
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